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Latest Update 03/09/12For All The Latest News


September's first update features more more the archive, a total of 180 images from Annie, Catherine & Leah feature in the update

If everything goes to plan, the models turn up, the torrential rain stays away then we should have some new material before the weekend

Today Ive added another of the 'lost' archive files to the Members Area, this one features 125 images of the beautiful Anomie

Welcome to the second update in August appoligies for the problems with updates over the last few weeks, I wont bore you with the details but all things being equal the regular weekly updates will be back after the Bank Holiday weekend

And so to the good part, this weeks update features Raven & Patty

The first update in August brings 100 new and original images including Chellie, Georgia & Nat

Kelly is the star of this weeks update with over 50 images in three sets, check them out in the Members Area

This week I'd like to introduce another stunning new friend to the Cafe, Raven you'll find lots more images of her in the Members Area

This Weeks Update features a new friend, the beautiful Chelsea, as you can see from the images she is certainly premier league !! 100 new and original images added, check them ot here Members Area


21/06/12 Oh dear the lovely Lou seems to be forever having problems with the tyres on her car, the first time she rings for help but never one to be stranded twice she learns how to change a wheel and pump up a tyre. 90 great new images



09/06/12 Always a delight, this weeks update features 75 images of the lovely Angel!!

01/06/12 Sorry but due to ill health no update took place last week, however back on form this week with a sparkling 90 images of Ella, Mas & Patty so I know you'll love it

A lot of images were lost in the transfer from the old host, it's always been my hope to make these images available again and today we make a start with 45 images from Aimee's Archive, everythings available in the Members Area

19/05/12 Again we look to 'old' friends for this weeks update Nic, Teri & Pip join in on the fuin of a MEGA 75 image update, Enjoy more in the Members Area

12/05/12 Two 'old' friends return to feature in this weeks update, we have a Special 'K' treat with Kelly & Kym!

06/05/12 The third of this weekends MEGA update is the lovely Lora, who although fairly new has already become very popular! Check out the other images Here

05/05/12 As promised here is the second of this weekends FOUR updates, this time we feature a little bit of Angel delight and considering she wearing a Jelly Jacket it sounds like a party all round.

Check out more images here Members Area

04/05/12 Apologies for not being able to update last week but as promised, to make up for that there'll be a MEGA update this weekend and to celebrate the Bank Holiday there will be updates on Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday!!

The first update features the lovely Lissa

20/04/12 This week we're joined by yet another new friend Angel, Im sure you'll be able to tell by her pictures she's got more than just a little of the devil in her, we also have more from the lovely Lora. Check them out in the Members Area

14/04/12 A little late with this weeks update but I wanted to introduce a couple of new friends to the site, I'm sure you'll agree when you see Kym & Lora that the wait was worth it!!!

06/04/12 Well here's your Easter treats in the form of lovely Lissa, beautiful Bro and never forgeting yet more from elegant Ella, almost 100 new images for your Easter weekend

30/03/12 The lots of lovely Lissa this week with two sets from her and we also have a set from the very elegant Ella. See lots more in the Members Area

23/03/12 This week we have more Mas and lots of Lissa, although both are recent additions they have become very popular very quickly!!


16/03/12 The lovely Lissa joins us this week looking a bit like Little Red Riding Hood in her Red Jeantex PVC Cape, she is joined by beautiful Bro, check out the website for more images

09/03/12 And its back to 3 girls for the first update in March and the terrific trio are Donna, Patty and a friend we havent seen for a while Pip, hope you like what you see and want to see more by logging into the Members Area

29/02/12 An early update, for once, I hope to be away on photo shoots at the weekend so I thought it best to update today. I hope you enjoy the new images from Mas

24/02/12 Back by popular demand this week we have Kelly, Ella & Bro

19/02/12 The second part of this weeks update is now online and features new friends Patty & Kelly!!

17/02/12 A really busy week with 4 shoots in 6 days and 5 new friends joining us! Here's the first part of the update which features the lovely Mas!! More to follow


14/02/12 After a couple of postponements due to the weather I finally got to work with Nic & Teri and even if the weather was freezing we got some really nice images

10/02/12 A new friend Bro joins us for the first part of this weeks update, the second available tomorrow night should feature two more new friends, check back to see them!!

03/02/12 Gina, Rosie & the Twins make up the 70+ images in this weeks update, make sure you check out the Members Area where you can see them all!

01/02/12 Something a little different this time with the addition of Mel's archive almost 300 images, some which old friends may have seen before but also many new ones that you wont have!

As well as adding new and original content I'll also be adding images from the archives so please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see added

20/01/12 This week we have more from both the beautiful Ella and the lovely Donna with 75 new and original images!!

14/01/12 The second update in two days features more of the beautiful Ella dont forget to check out her other pictures

13/01/12 The first part of this weekends update features the lovely Donna, check out more images in the Members Area dont forget to check back tomorrow for part two!!

11/01/12 As promised, even if it is a little late, here is another update for the week, this time we have Ella who has just joined the team at Rainwear Cafe and is sure to be very popular

07/01/12 And at long last almost back up to speed I had a great shoot with a new friend Mel W during the week, she was an absolute star in the freezing cold and strong winds, some of the results make up todays update. There will be another update later this week featuring yet another new friend! So call back then for more!!

31/12/11 Apologies to everyone for the lack of updates recently as soon as I got back to work after the virus I managed to get my hand trapped between two roll cages and so was out of action again. However I'm back in action and happy to be able to offer you a small update featuring new friend Donna!!! So please enjoy the 50+ images of Donna in the Members Area

I'll be adding more images over the next week to make up for the missing updates so please keep checking back!


19/12/11 Due to a virus there was a problem producing the update for last week , luckily it was only me who had the virus and not the PC, Im now feeling a little better and intend to produce some special updates for the Christmas period so keep your eyes open! Apologies to everyone!

09/12/11 This week we have Demi, Shelly and Jan three lovely girls in great rainwear, what more could you want !!

02/12/11 Three great girls make up this weeks update, check out all the images of Pip, Ro and Bex!!

25/11/11 Two old friends Kay & Ash join Demi in this weeks update!

18/11/11 A more normal update this week featuring three lovely ladies Chellie, Demi & Jan, hope you like the images, remember there's lots more in the Members Area!!

12/11/11 Sorry for the delay in this weeks update and the number of images included. Anyway I'm sure you wont be disappointed when you see whats included., we have the beautiful Pip in a vintage Semi See-thru Plastic Mac, Rain Bonnet and Yellow Wellies


04/11/11 Welcome to the first of November's updates which features two of our most popular girls Amy & Demi, check out the rest of the images in the Members Area

28/10/11 The second update of the week features the twins Jan & Shelly and Bekki, to be honest they're not realy twins they just love working together!!! :)

25/10/11 This time we have Chellie, Demi & Pip featuring in 110 new images & dont forget there will be another update on Friday as normal


14/10/11 Another 100 new images added, this week the Three lovely girls are Bekki, M-J and Ro as normal all in beautiful rainwear. Check out ALL the images in the Members Area ENJOY!!

07/10/11 Back to just three ladies this week but you wont be disappointed by the images of Amy, Demi and Chellie, see all 100 new images in the Members Section

30/09/11 Not Three lovely ladies but FOUR! hope you enjoy the new images of Georgia, Rosie, Mia and Lorna, more than 80 new images available in the Members Section so why not check it out

Three more lovely ladies in this weeks update! We have Pip, Demi & Amy

Dont forget if you like what you see there's lots more in the Members Section

This week we welcome back the lovely Chellie, it's been a while and it's great to have her back! Along with Chellie we have two other friends in M-J & Janine Check out everything in the Members Section

09/09/11 This weekend I have a lovely new friend, Bekki,to introduce to you, Bekki is joined by friends Jan & Shelly - Enjoy the rest of the images in the Members Section

02/09/11 After last weekends update madness its back to normal this week with only one update but to make it special we have three great looking girls, Pip, Demi and a friend from the past Amy, enjoy the pics you know you'll find more in Members Section

29/08/11 Here's the final upgrade of the weekend which features our fantastic new friend Pip and the lovely Lucy! Of course you can see all the images added over the last three days in the Members Section

28/08/11 Second of this weekends updates features 3 lovely ladies with Amber, Lisa & Natalie, as ever ALL the images are in the Members Area

Back tomorrow with the last of the weekends updates which will see a new friend added to the site, dont forget to check back tomorrow!!!!!!!

27/08/11 The first of this MEGA weekends THREE updates is 3 sets from beautiful Bex, check out the full update in the Members Area

19/08/11 This week we have new sets from M-J and Demi, dont forget to check out the Members Area for all the images!!

12/08/11 More than 80 images in this weeks update. The three beautiful girls featured are Janine, Emily and Ashley see all the images in the Members Area

05/08/11 Here's this weeks update, as promised you'll find more than 100 new and original images in the Members Area alongside the lovely M-J we have recent recruit Jan and when Jan told us her friend Shelly was interested in modelling for us, well it would have been rude to say No! You can see a set of the girls working together in the members area, which is a little too hot for the front page, lets just say both girls ended up with torn ponchos!

02/08/11 As promised here is the late update, this week we feature more from the lovely Demi to compensate for the delay next Friday will feature more than 100 new and original images!


22/17/11 Back to a three girl update this week, and we have a beautiful new member of the crew to introduce to you, the lovely Jan!

Jan is joined by Demi & Rosie so make the most of this weeks fun by checking out the Members Area

15/07/11 Only two girls this week but Im sure you'll not be disappointed when you find out its M-J and Mel, as always both full sets can be found in the Members Area

08/07/11 Another set from Demi plus new sets from Bex & Ro make up this mega 80 image update to the Members Area

01/07/11 This week we've added a new star Demi alongside Mia & Lorna with more than 70 new images added to the Members Area

24/06/11 Rosie, Kim & Bex are the three girls featured in this weeks update, over 75 NEW images added in the Members Area

17/06/11 This weeks three girls are Mel, Mia and new friend Lorna, dont forget lots more images in the Members Area

10/06/11 Another three girl update this week with the lovely Bex, Ro & Rosie here for you!


03/06/11 Good news is its back to a 3 girl update this week, even more good news is that we have a new friend join us this week, Sophia! Joining Sophia is Jen & Rose, make sure you check out these and all the other images in the Members Area

27/05/11 As Mel's images from last week got such a good response this weeks update includes more from the same shoot, joining Mel is a lovely new edition to the site Ro, you can check out more from both of them in the Members Area


20/05/11 Another great update this week featuring our long term friend Mel and a more recent addition to the site Rose, please enjoy

13/05/11 Update time again and here, we have another three sets of great images for you, Tammi, Kim and Rose are featured today

06/05/11 On time with this weeks update, again 3 great girls for you M-J, Jen & Ash, dont forget to check them out in the Members Area

01/05/11 Finally this weeks update is here, sorry for the delay, but the site was being relocated to a new server. Anyway on to the important things, here's another 3 girl update featuring Dani, Kay & Tori, hope you enjoy it! More as always in the Members Area

21/04/11 Just to get the Easter break off to a good start were updating a day early! As another treat there are two new girls for you, the lovely Jen in her Black PVC Trench Coat from Suzie High (make sure you check out similar bargains!) Second new girl is Ash in a Blue Glass Clear Hooded Plastic Mac, the new girls are joined by favourite Rosie in this MEGA 90 image update!

15/04/11 Our three girls this week are Gina, Tammi & Rose we hope you enjoy more than 70 new and original images in the Members Area

08/04/11 Kerry joins M-J and Rosie for this weeks update, if you think M-J and Rosie look cold its because it was a freezing day when we did the shoot. As always more images can be found in the Members Area


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